As building services infrastructures become more complex, the interaction between electrical, mechanical, fire and controls & monitoring equipment becomes more important. The dependence and interface between technical disciplines needs to be carefully coordinated, and the testing of all services for integration is of vital importance to ensure that all designed resilience and redundancies are fully configured and operational.

This is of particular importance to all ‘mission critical’ services that support financial and information technology industries, but is applicable to all buildings where services integration is present.

The Integrated Systems Test service has been
developed to provide Clients and building owners with a means to periodically test that their existing facilities building services infrastructure still performs to the design intent. The service offered focuses on critical systems’ individual equipment performance tests, followed by a series of integrated tests and failure scenarios to prove the designed interaction, resilience and redundancies of all systems.


The entire process is undertaken by 3RD Party International, from test document preparation, through management of the preparation and planning stages, to management and validation of all landlord engineering staff, vendors and contractors during the site test period.


Integrated Systems Testing and Proving