Government and large blue chip corporations in Asia Pacific now demand that leased office space be assessed and credited with a minimum Green Building Rating under the prevailing assessment scheme. The rating schemes seek to:


·         enhance the quality of buildings,

·         stimulate demand for buildings that are more sustainable, giving recognition for improved performance and minimizing false claims,

·         reduce the environmental impact of buildings throughout their life-cycle,

·         ensure that environmental considerations are integrated right from the onset rather than retrospectively.



Green Building Certification of Building Services


Similar demands are being made by local authorities to insist developers achieve a high level of efficiency and low levels of greenhouse emissions on new build projects. These demands can only be met by a detailed energy efficient design strategy in accordance with the associate rating criteria.


High quality construction and building services installation standards, combined with thorough testing and commissioning of the building services systems for the entire development ensures that necessary requirements are met.

3RD Party International, acting as the project Commissioning Authority, will assist in achieving the desired Green rating goals. By identifying, managing and verifying the commissioning requirements of the project, we ensure the necessary commissioning and pre requisite credits are achieved, and the building performance parameters are met.